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Bringing Energy Therapy to the Work Environment

     Did you know that I travel to work places and wellness retreats to offer my energy therapy? Are you a business owner who wants to show appreciation for your employees? Well having a wellness day is a great way to show them you value their hard work. Or maybe you have your own business like mine whether you’re a yoga instructor or massage therapist and wish to create a beautiful wellness day/weekend for your clients. I would love to be a part of your special event by offering relaxing, healing energy sessions.

     Many people aren’t aware that energy therapy even exists and I want to help change this. Energy therapy (reiki, polarity therapy and craniosacral therapy) can be so powerful. It has helped my clients’ pain decrease or in some cases resolve completely after just one session! I have assisted mothers’ in every stage of pregnancy to promote relaxation and surround them in the most beautiful white, loving light. I have helped clients feel less anxious and more joyful. Basically, during a session I am the medium for this most beautiful, loving, healing energy to come through me and go to the person on the table. Each session is truely unique and amazing. Sometimes clients see colors, feel the energetic properties like heat, tingling, or release in their body. Sometimes clients fall asleep. The possibilities are endless.

    Tools that I use during a session to help clear negative energy to make room for more positive energy are scents (essential oils, incense, sage spray), crystals (mostly clear quartz and rose quartz), noise (music, rattles, toning), and oracle cards (messages from angel and animal guides). Using these tools with the energy therapy I’ve learned can make for a relaxing, spiritual, and powerful session. I typically offer 60, 75 or 90 minute sessions however for the wellness retreats, mini-sessions are more appropriate which are 25-30 minute/per person depending how many clients/employees there are. It’s a great way to be introduced to energy therapy and get a glimpse into the world of this healing modality.

    If you’re interested in having energy therapy offered at your next wellness day for employees or wellness retreat for your clients feel free to reach out to me and we can work together to create a wonderful, low stress, and healing event. I bring my table, sheets, music, and other supplies to your location. I am reimbursed for the session time I offer and depending how far away the location is from me, travel time. Hope to hear from you soon!

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